Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Red Riding Hood

Screw "Tangled" and "Beastly." Okay, don't. I want to see both of them... but no matter your feelings on either of these fairytales with a twist, it's obvious that the only one that matters out of upcoming movies of this genre is "Red Riding Hood," starring Amanda Seyfried.

I've loved "Little Red Riding Hood" as soon as I heard it as a young child. Something about cross dressing wolves just gets me. Especially when the Tran-Wolf gets murdered at the end as revenge for eating grandmas and attacking young girls. It's like CSI: Fairy Tale Edition, and I love it. I would use "Little Red Riding Hood" as the basis for whenever I had to do fairytale-inspired projects. In high school, my theater arts class had to modernize a children's book. Clearly, my group did "Little Red In The Hood" - a rap version set in New York. Pimp wolves spittin' rhymes, sluts in red capes... it was literary gold. In college, my interdisciplinary arts class had to do a fairytale project combining theatre and a fairytale. Clearly, I did a "Little Red Riding Hood" puppet show. What can I say? It's my go-to fairytale.

So imagine my happiness when I heard "Little Red Riding Hood" was going to be a movie.

And then multiply that by 10 when I discovered Amanda Seyfried (Karen Smith, Lily Kane, Needy Lesnicki, Savannah Curtis) was in.

And multiply THAT by 1,000 when I found out the plot was involving werewolves.
Vampires are SO 2008. Team Jacob.

This is going to be my new favorite movie. Or it will suck.

Either way, I'm seeing it opening night. And probably more than once...


  1. This looks amazing! <3 I cannot wait!

  2. I think it's gonna suck! I wonder who that cast as the wolf?! SHAKIRA?!