Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Friends Having Sex. Just Sex.

Today, I was introduced to the trailer for "No Strings Attached." I thought it looks like a pretty good comedy, and quite honestly - I'm excited to see it. A great looking, goofy guy (Ashton Kutcher) having "just sex, no feelings" with his friend (Natalie Portman). While I'm more excited about Natalie's movie, "Black Swan," this movie has still found its way towards the top of my "Must See" list.

Hold the phone. A movie with a "Black Swan" actress about a great looking, goofy guy (Justin Timberlake) having "just sex, no feelings" with his friend (Mila Kunis). It reminds me of another trailer I just saw... "Friends With Benefits."

While I may be in the minority in both of these scenarios, I would choose Mila over Natalie movie-wise, and ...would choose Ashton over Justin. Any way-wise, movie or other. I mean, I would not kick JT out of bed - even if he sang "Closing Time." But I would just prefer some Ashton on my Ass-ton. Sorry, Demi...

With that said, "No Strings Attached" is winning me over because of Ashton while "Friends With Benefits" is winning me over because of Mila. So which one looks like a better movie?

"No Strings Attached" looks like it's going to be a predictable romantic comedy with a few friend-on-friend sex scenes thrown about. Fine. I love me some predictable romances (to balance out the predictable non-romances in my life: wake up in someone's bed, put on pants, leave, shower, repeat.) "Friends With Benefits," while still looking predictable, looks less romantic comedy, and more comedy. Which I'm also fine with.

In conclusion, I'll see them both. And probably love both. And fine - I'd choose Mila & Ashton (which I just realized has a "That 70's Show" connection, but I was never a fan, so don't mistake my love for M/A as a love for that show...), but I DO enjoy Justin & Natalie. So if the chance ever came, I'd have "just sex, no feelings" with any of them. And since Ludacris is in "No Strings Attached," we can add him to the mix as well...

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