Thursday, November 11, 2010


When Glee first began, I knew I loved Puck from the first minute I saw him on my screen. I wasn't sure if he was going to be a main character or just stay in the background saying anti-gay remarks about Finn joining glee club. Either way, I didn't care. I just loved this tan, mohawked stud on my screen no matter the amount of time he actually spent on there. But then an episode called "Acafellas" happened, and I knew Glee was on to something. Puck was shirtless. And had a nipple ring. And in another scene, he sang. I had found television gold.

And then I heard whispers that the reason Puck was so homophobic/such a bully was because he was secretly gay. Had the gods heard my prayers? Or at least... had Ryan Murphy? Maybe not. Self-proclaimed "Gleeks" are just crazy and looking for someone good looking to be paired up with the not-so-great-looking Kurt.

No, no matter what the NUMEROUS Youtube videos of a Puck/Kurt relationship may hint at, Ryan Murphy never had intentions to make Puck gay; he was too busy sneaking off with his best friend's girlfriend and making her pregnant.

And then Season 2 began. Well, it was announced. And casting had been done for the new season. Some girl from Youtube (Charice) was cast as Rachel's new enemy... blah blah. But more importantly, reports were FLYING that some hard bodied blonde, Chord Overstreet, was cast as Kurt's new love interest, Sam. My eyes approved, and when Season 2 finally began and I heard Sam crooning away, my ears approved, as well. But then... things went terribly wrong. I watched as Sam quickly found himself falling for... Quinn.

WTF. This Cheerio bitch stole BOTH of Kurt's men... well, MY men... but since I'm not on the show, I must live vicariously through him.

My time for mourning had officially begun. More casting news hit the internet; a new love interest for Kurt. I didn't care. If it wasn't Sam, I didn't want anyone. For all I cared, Kurt could grow old and die lonely, never having love. Sam was too busy trying to squeeze his way into Quinn's spanky pants, making no time for a gay romance with Kurt. It was the only relationship I've ever wanted on my screen; screw Ross and Rachel - Sam and Kurt were my #1 TV couple.

Youtube clips were sent my way of the new actor that would be playing Kurt's love interest. Disney cover songs. Cute. Whatever. I didn't care. Get off my screen, Darren Criss. Who needs another cast member on Glee? Not me. As it is, the supporting cast is two-dimensional and fighting for screen time because there's not enough time to split between so many actors. I didn't need another one taking time away from my precious Sam. Or Puck. Or hell, even Head Bitch In Control, Rachel Berry. Especially if they were from things called "Harry Potter: The Musical." Ew.

Although someone described his looks as mine and Taylor Lautner's love child, I still thought he was ugly. Even one of the snarkiest bitches I know was showing Darren love... What was happening to the world? He would never be Sam. Or Puck. Or even Finn (who I hate). I was over him before he even began. Boo, CRISS out Darren.

As I sat down to watch the latest episode, these anti-Darren thoughts were still roaming wild through my head. But don't you know it... as soon as he appeared on screen, my heart was warming up to him.

I mean... maybe he wasn't ugly.

And then I heard him sing. Well, shit. First of all, he (well, Ryan Murphy) knew how to win me over. Katy Perry. And acapella. It was official. I had crossed over. To Team Darren.
I had Criss-Cross'ed.

Will I scream and fan my privates if Sam and Kurt ever happen? Obviously. Does this mean I'm going to change my desktop background from a picture of Sam to a picture of Blaine? Obviously not. But it DOES mean I can watch Glee without protesting a Kurt/Blaine relationship. Maybe Sam really IS straight and will grow old with Quinn - he isn't, and he won't..., but no matter what, I can support Darren Criss in whatever he does.

Unless the words "Harry Potter" are attached. In that case - sorry, Darren, but I won't be supporting you anytime soon.


  1. For my own (highly contested) reasons, I wasn't looking forward to Darren either. Anything that a. has harry potter attached to it and b. makes 14 year olds wanna knock themselves up is NOT something I'm typically interested in.

    But damn, Darren gave me chills. The song? The text he sent to Kurt? I was sold. I couldn't care less about Sam or Puck (in regards to who they want in their bed anyway). I am all for this Kurt/Blaine thing.

    And thanks for linking ;-)

  2. I am SO glad he didn't end up with Sam (so far). Sure, to all of the swooning gay men out there who had crushes on the hot boys at their school, only to be let down by the inevitable rejection, this is catharsis on a major level. But let's think about the longer-term effects. If I'm a closeted or unavoidably out high schooler, watching Kurt end up with sam tells me its okay to be gay (as long as you're beautiful) and be who you are (as long as you have abs). Blaine's attraction isn't his looks, but his normalcy. He looks just like the next guy. Attainable.


    His personality is what makes us love him. The confident, hopeful "courage," that he gives both to us and Kurt, tells the students from before that its okay to be gay (as long as you're a good person) and you can be who you want (as long as you have faith in who you are).

    Sam being gay would be like a really...really good one-night stand. Sure, at first glance it would be screen-gold (shorts). But it wouldn't take long to feel that gross morning-after stickiness of impossible standards television has set.

    Blaine is perfect because he's not.

  3. I'm super excited about this blog. It made me super smile, because, obvs, I am Team Darren all the way (Disney covers, yes that was me :D) Also, loved loved loved the text he sent to Kurt! I'm so glad he's staying. I love all the new characters so far, and this almost definitely became my new favorite episode :D

    But Puck and Sam both have special places in my heart, too :) <3