Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What Good Is Being A Survivor When All Your Friends Are Dead?

I've seen a few fan-made "Scream 4" trailers, and to be honest...editing-wise, I like some of them better. But this is "Scream 4," and I'll take all the footage I can. Especially if the extra footage includes new rules!! and dialogue from Kristen Bell and a funny scene from everyone's Pretty Little Liar, Aria. (I'd do that shit, too... ain't no messing with prank callers. Hand that shit offfff.)

I'm not sure how I feel about the "Killer films his deaths" aspect of this movie... I feel like it's Urban Legends 2. Didn't see it? I'm not surprised, there was a reason for that... But no matter how great/good/ok/bad/terrible this movie is, I'm going to be shaking as I stand in line to see it. Preferably at midnight on Thursday, April 14. And preferably in costume. No, not as Ghostface. As Drew Barrymore, obviously...

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