Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Rocky Horror Glee Show

While some people were anxiously awaiting this year's Britney episode of Glee, (READ: me) others were setting their sights on this week's tribute to the cult classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. (READ: me...again.) Do not be confused by my excitement of both episodes - while Brit Brit and Rocky may be on opposite ends of the musical spectrum (are they, though?), Glee is the melting pot that brings them together.

The Rocky Horror GLEE Show, which can also be titled "Hallo-Glee-n" (by me...), was one of the better episodes this season (and honestly, of the whole series.) Musically and plot-wise, this episode was a hit. And as far as tributes go, there were some great nods to the original, which made my heart even warmer.

Musically, they used all of the hits from the movie/show. Except the Floor Show. Why "Rose Tint My World" wasn't in the episode, but "There's A Light (Over at the Frankenstein Place)" was, I'll never know. But besides that - "Time Warp," "Toucha, Toucha, Toucha, Touch Me," "Sweet Transvestite," "Damn it, Janet" ... They were all there.

My favorites?

"Sweet Transvestite" - Although I was not happy with the fact Mercedes played Frank (and if any bitch tried to steal the MALE LEAD of a show I was in, I would have her KILLED), her interpretation of the song had me FLOORED. I love a sassy black woman when she can own a track. I REALLY LOVE a sassy black woman when she can add her own flava to a track I already loved.

"Toucha, Toucha, Toucha, Touch Me" - It is no surprise that Emma sounds like a drowning, breathy cat when she sings. I think it's time they gave this mousy bitch some vocal lessons and/or put "no singing on the show EVER" in her contract. With that said... the performance of this song had me rolling on the ground like a creature of the night. Shirtless Will, Santana & Brit watching from a window in the Colombia/Magenta roles. It's too good.

Plot-wise, while it wasn't the BEST we've had, I think it WAS the best as far as tribute episodes go. There were no dentist-inspired dream sequences nor a "Madonna must be played throughout the whole school" rule. There were just high school students doing Rocky Horror for their school's musical. Easy enough.

I also enjoyed the "boys can have a bad self image" plot line. Some boys do have poor body image, no matter how buff or toned they may be. And it was good to see it. Anyone can turn on Gossip Girl and see Blair vomit after eating a whole Thanksgiving pie, but it's refreshing to see that sometimes boys can feel bad about how they look, also. I don't think they show would ever go this route... but I wouldn't be opposed to a Sam eating disorder. And if this is getting too real for you - in a time when Gleeks around the world are all but slaughtering the photographers at GQ over a "Is it or isn't it controversial?" photo shoot (Answer: It's not), it was nice to show that Glee producers can sexify their male cast members as well..
Sam pinching the fat that the Cool Ranch Doritos gave him. Currently my desktop background...

Okay... fine, screw the body image plot line. It was just nice to look at.


  1. I'm glad that the ending was fanning my That made my day! I was in love in this girl rocked it and there was plenty of man candy to get hot and heavy over! <3

  2. Lovessss it :D I was so happy with this. We watched it in the Seaver's Study Lounge with like 30 people and I was squealing all through "Toucha Touch Me." "Sorry, I squeal when I get excited..." XD XD And loves your desktop background :D