Monday, October 11, 2010


I recently heard of this movie only because a friend of mine is an extra in it. All he told me was "it has Quinn from Glee and it's about aliens." Although I LOVE Quinn Fabray and wish she would get some more air time this season (we'll talk about that in another post, though...), he wasn't selling it. Even when he said, "It's actually a lot better than it sounds," I didn't believe him.

I put the movie in the back of my mind because I had already made my decision. MAYBE I would watch it illegally on a rainy/snowy day, but $13 of my hard earned cash would never be spent seeing it in theaters. And then I saw "The Social Network," (which we'll also talk about in another post...), which had a preview for "I Am Number Four." And my mind changed. I'm now ready to put $13 in a sealed envelope until opening night... just so I know I will have the money available when the time comes.

Although only a teaser trailer has been released for "I Am Number Four," it looks as though someone or something is hunting down aliens... or people with powers... or things with powers. Whatever these 9 escapees are, something is killing them one-by-one, and now our two leads are trying to get away.

Will this movie do for aliens what "Twilight" did for vampires? Maybe. Maybe not. Probably not. But it still looks amazing and legitimately good... and sorry, even better.... than "Twilight." Yes, I have a Team Jacob cup, but I still have enough sense to say that "Twilight" is pretty crappy. Fun crap, but crap none-the-less... Who knows how this movie will turn out. The trailer looks great, but we've been tricked by trailers before...

Although I wouldn't know the lead male, Alex Pettyfer, if he bit me on the ass (and based on looks alone, he is most certainly allowed... I just wouldn't know him), Dianna Agron is hit or miss. She's always beautiful, but sometimes I love her as Quinn, sometimes I hate her. Sometimes her acting is brilliant, sometimes it's less than stellar. I hope that as a high school student in love with a fugitive alien (I'm guessing?), she turns the acting dial up a notch... because it's probably a tougher role to play than a singing pregnant high school Republican.

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