Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Easy" Gets an "A" In My Book

While "Easy A" jumped to the top of my "Must See" list long before the film hit big screens, we all know that sometimes great trailers don't necessarily mean great movies. And sometimes interesting casts don't mean interesting movies. And sometimes clever plot synopsises don't mean clever plot during the movies. But you get it - there can be a lot of hype for a movie, but when it comes time to see it in theaters with a tub of popcorn cradled in your lap and your honey...or best friend...or unnamed movie date who you're settling for just because you want to see said next to you - well, sometimes the movie just sucks. And you are left saying "Why the F did I ever agree to see 'The Happening?'" However, in the case of "Easy A," I was left with nothing but cinematic pleasure.

When early teaser clips hit the internet, the "Pocketful of Sunshine" clip was on repeat on my computer for days. And somehow the song because #1 most played on my iPod. I was obsessed, and I NEEDED to see the movie even more than I had previously wanted to. It was no longer a "want," it was a "need." While nothing extra is added to the clip in the actual movie, this scene is still one of my favorites/one of the funniest parts, and the song becomes a long-running gag in the film.

Emma Stone is flawless in this movie, and if her IMDB has anything to say about it, this young woman is going to be the new queen of Hollywood. With seven new films currently in production, we are bound to see MUCH more of her very soon - enough to get sick of her face? I hope not. Emma has made it on to my list (alongside the good graces of Kristen Bell, Sarah Michelle Gellar, etc.) and honestly, she'd have to put out some seriously bad shit to leave the list anytime soon. Her dry sarcasm is a perfect fit for this role, and she really works the emotional scenes, as well - showing that we have a full-fledged actress on our hands. Some comedic actresses can work the slapstick like a whore workin' the streets, but when it's time to get real, fail miserably. Stone, however, does not disappoint.

The CW let "Easy A" borrow some of their talent and, for different reasons, I left the theater giving the network my endless praise. Although I love "Hellcats," I often find myself asking "Where the hell did this bitch come from?" when I think about Aly Michalka starring in her own show. Sure, Aly & AJ. But wtf is that, really? Why is she relevant on my CW screen, and more importantly - why is she relevant on the BIG SCREEN? Well, this film answered all of my questions. Although only a supporting character, Michalka OWNS the comedy she is given (which is some pretty great material), and left me wanting more. Her character is one of my favorites, and a part of me hopes this character gets her own spin-off movie.

Get it, (Gossip) Gurlllll.
The other CW implant is Penn Badgley (Gossip Girl), and I could not tell you why, but "Woodchuck Todd" is far sexier than Dan Humphry has ever been. His acting is fine, but really - his looks, which I've never been a fan of before, are what sold Badgley to me in this film. Perhaps it's the blue body paint? I don't know. I'm not asking questions... The body wants what the body wants.

Anyone who knows me know that the thing I don't enjoy when going to the movies is anyone over the age of 25 on my screen. Sure, the actor can be older than 25, but character-wise, I want them to do this Rachel McAdams-style, and play a high schooler until they have grey hair. With that said - Olive's parents (played BRILLIANTLY by Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson) deliver some of the best lines in the movie, and portray the characters with such love for their daughter that it's hard not to not feel the same way for them. I've seen great movie parents before, but if I were to be adopted by a movie family, I'd want it to be this one.

Emma's sarcasm, the parents's love, Penn's body, Aly's comedy... there was a lot to love about this movie. What I didn't love was Amanda Bynes in her last (maybe? maybe not?) feature film... which is shocking because I ADORE her in "Hairspray" and she used to crack me up on "All That" and "The Amanda Show." But something about her puffy face and forced crying wasn't working for me in this movie. Sorry, Bynes-y, maybe next time. If there is a next time? 

Overall, I loved the movie 100%. Is it the new "Mean Girls?" I can't say because this movie is still too fresh in my head/heart, and I don't want to make any harsh statements I'll regret later... but what I CAN say is - if it's NOT the new "Mean Girls," it comes pretty damn close.

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  1. I agree completely! Loved everything about this movie, especially Olive's parents, and my favorite part was at the end when Todd drove up to the side of Olive's house on a lawn mower. Super cute :)