Saturday, September 18, 2010

Whipping Willow

Move over, B(eyonce)... there's a new queen that's gonna be busting out of the DJ booth. The gays are gonna take those shots and drop it, drop it low gurlllll on the dance floor while listening to her sweet sounds. I'm not talking about Gaga. I'm not talking about Nicki Minaj. No, there's room for all three of you fierce bitches... the future music goddess that I speak of is none other than...

Willow Smith.

Work.It.Girl. That is all I can say. How a 9-year-old's song is top-played on my iPod, I have no idea. I just know I keep this bitch on repeat from morning til night. I roll out of bed whippin my hair back and forth and go to bed whippin my hair back and forth.

Girlfriend can lay down the track. I really have no idea if her target audience is drunk clubbers or 7-year-old girls, but in this world - isn't it all the same?

Anything that comes from the seed of Will Smith is good in my book (except his other child... sorry, pal. Karate Kids just ain't my thangggg), and although some may think she needs to take another lesson from mom while dressing herself, I think the girl has style and soon enough all 9-year-old bitches are gonna be taking a page out of the Willow Smith Club Style guide. And if 9-year-old bitches aren't copying that swag, you know the mid-20's gays certainly will.

She's everything Rihanna wants to be in life, but while Rihanna looks like a Gaga copycat... (an amazingggg one, but still a copycat...) Willow just oozes creativy and flare.


So... you be the judge.
Dance floor anthem or Radio Disney?


  1. The song is tight. Though, this sass pot better watch herself...she might get her pint-sized ass sued for encouraging hoz to voluntarily give themselvez whiplash!

    And P to da S, how the fuck can this little tot have "haterz"?! She ain't even got her period yet!

  2. That is a HIT (as Paul Canaan would quote) Bitch has started to perfect whipping her hair as we speak. Get it lil diva, go and rock yourself out. Radio Disney aint got no room for this, this is straight to the CLUB!