Wednesday, September 1, 2010

There's Nothing You Can't Do...

Glee's returning September 21. Every Gleek this side of the Mississippi knows this. It's not new information.
I really just wanted an exucse to post this...

Here are my thoughts:

1. I know everyone is sick of "Empire State of Mind," but I still listen to it once a day. Bring it on.
2. I love Rachel (Lea Michele)'s bangs.
3. Anything involving Will's crazy ass wife on my screen is good news. Love that bitch.
4. I read in every blog/magazine/interview ever that Rachel & Finn are a happy couple this year, so I'm sure there is a "BUT" after he tells Quinn he has feelings for her... but I still like hearing it. It makes me think a Puck/Rachel romance is still possible...
5. Shue's car makes me laugh. It looks like the Pussy Wagon from "Kill Bill"/the "Telephone" video


  1. "Empire State of Mind" is getting to be soooo funky & played out that I can smell its rank azz odor before the first beat even dropz!

    That being said, I still ( a uncoordinated paraplegic whore) dancez mah nalgaz off to it @ the club last Saturday!

  2. Here's my two sense on each bullet point :)

    1) Empire State of Mind + I <3 NY tshirts = loveee :)
    2) Agreed :D
    3) Oh my. Terri. I have no words.
    4) I've read the same thing. I'm not sure how I feel about this love square, so I'll just let it play out :)
    5) XD it makes me laugh toooo :)

    Also, Sue Sylvester = <3