Monday, September 13, 2010

Sexy Trash "Likes" The Social Network

Go ahead, put it on your mini-feed.... Let the world know: I'm changing my relationship status.
Because I am IN LOVE with the trailer for "The Social Network."
When I first heard there was going to be a "Facebook movie," I could have vomited. And not good "I drank too much" vomit, but like "I have a stomach virus and didn't even do anything fun to achieve this..." vomit. But then I watched the trailer. And things changed.

Jesse Eisenberg sounds annoyingly similar to Michael Cera, who, although I LOVED "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World," I generally can't stand. But it's not enough to drive me away from this film. Justin Timberlake and Disney Channel starlet Brenda song co-star/cameo (I have no idea how juicy their roles are...), but it's not even their presence that is drawing me in; it just looks genuinely great.

The chorus music used throughout the preview only adds intensity, and I am curious to see how dramatic the movie really is. It's not a new trick for movies to bring out the best bits for their previews, leaving audiences sitting in theaters saying "Well, this is not new information... I would have been better off watching the trailer and reading spoilers." But every so often, there are movies that DO NOT show all of the good parts in the previews and actually have some twists and/or laughs that you haven't already witnessed 5634665365 times...

The only thing that could make this trailer better is if one of my Facebook photos randomly appeared in the beginning segment. Me dressed as Bindi Irwin, perhaps... Because, believe me - that Facebook photo exists.

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  1. This is a different trailer than I saw...and it makes me want to see it EVEN MORE. Seriously, whether we want to admit it or not, Facebook has become the center of our lives. Everybody has one, everybody uses it and unless something mega awesome comes along - that's not going to change. Even Twitter can't make a dent or delete the importance of Facebook. It kind of freaks me out that what once started as something meant for college kids has turned into a bizarre world-wide obsession, but it's still pretty sweet that you can find anyone through it. Does the government know about this? Because seriously, it would be such a Big Brother event. (relax Donny, not the TV show, the metaphor from the novel.)

    The thing is, I would really like to know if Mark Zucherburg is a sleaze. Because if his character is anything like what's been portrayed so far by the previews, he seems like kind of a d-bag. Which leads me to ask, will the movie actually prove anything about Mark's crimes or lack-thereof? I mean, is this really meant to tell us the "whole story"? Because if the producers/writers puss out and don't really give us the whole spill...I might be pretty disappointed. So I guess we'll have to see. Or, at least wait for our friends' mini-feeds to give spoilers and express their views come October.