Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Let Me In

I'm sorry... a VAMPIRE MOVIE from the DIRECTOR OF CLOVERFIELD? Who, may I ask, has been eavesdropping on my wet dreams?!

The preview made me jump twice, so I am more than excited for the actual movie. Usually around this time every year, I begin getting in my Halloween mood. I start dieting hardcore (so I can fit into my booty shorts, obviously...), but more importantly - I'm ready for scary movies. Last year brought me the best thing that ever happened to me (Jennifer's Body) and the worst (Sorority Row... ok, fine. It wasn't the WORST. I kind of want it on DVD. But it WAS bad.) This year, a few good ones seem to be coming my way and "Let Me In" is at the top of my list.

It's true I haven't seen the original (I don't have any interest) or read the book (I want to! ...But know I'm going to shit myself), but I still shake with excitement and/or fear when I think about seeing this movie. I love vampires of any variety - True Blood, Buffy, The Lost Boys, Twilight (Although I HATE Edward, I love his family). I also enjoy movies about kids... usually they make me cry (Martian Child, Jersey Girl), but I can't wait to see this little bitch kill people... I just hope she doesn't get killed in the end. Because that would make me cry, and I don't go to horror movies to make me cry. Okay, fine. I cried at  "Saw," but that was not because I was sad. It was because I was scared out of my mind, and I lost ability to speak or show emotion, so all of my emotions had to come out of my eyes.

...I still hate that sick ass movie.


  1. yeah, got me sexytrash, you got me. And i'm sure, just as I watch J's Body EVERY time it is on, I'll be going to see this movie too. Damn you *shakes fist*