Thursday, September 30, 2010

13 Movies You Need To Watch This October

While ABC Family does their "13 Days of Halloween," and SyFy has their "31 Days of Halloween," we at Sexy Trash simply have our "13 Movies You Need To Watch This October." And what happens if you DON'T watch? Well, that's your choice. But we may or may not send that little bitch from "The Ring" to your television, instead...

13. Mean Girls
If ABC Family can shove Harry Potter down our throats every December just because there's one Christmas scene, we can do the same with "Mean Girls." This movie, although not a Halloween movie, per say, has one of the best Halloween scenes we've ever seen. The costumes are to die for, and it's really where the whole movie begins. Little Cady was just an innocent home-schooled jungle freak before seeing what a skank whore Regina really is on Halloween. And while this movie is a great comedy, it's also oddly truthful - how many people (we're not gender specifying, because certain male writers here have been known to sport booty shorts on Halloween) do you know that use Halloween as an excuse to dress as slutty as possible because they know they'll get away with it? Plus, we're pretty sure girls and gays everywhere will never stop saying, "I'm a mouse. Duh."

12. Scooby Doo
We love cartoon-to-live action remakes. If they're done correctly. While we may never want to see anything called "Marmaduke," this pup and his gang of detectives never let us down. And SMG is pretty much great in anything. Except that stupid one where her dad was a crab and she made magic food... we could do without that.

11. Casper
Halloween movie go-to girl, Christina Ricci, is great in another cartoon-to-live action remake. Add Devon Sawa as human form-Casper, and we have every pre-pubescent child (again - not being gender specific...) in the 90's first Halloween-themed wet dream.

10. The Addams Family
She's backkkk. Halloween go-to girl makes up only a small part of this star cast. The only thing we love more than cartoon-to-live action remakes are TV-to-movie remakes.

9. Beetlejuice
This is such a great movie, we'll say it three times. Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!
Because of this movie, we'll never look at shrimp cocktail the same way again....

8. Cursed
In our last (and most recent) appearance by Christina Ricci, she stars alongside Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network), in a campy tale about werewolves long before that shirtless Native American lad came around...

7. I Know What You Did Last Summer
While this may not be one of the best horror movies around, it never fails to put us in a Halloween mood. You may rewatch this and laugh at how bad most of the acting is, but in the 90's, this scared the shit out of us, so take it for what it is.

6. The Sixth Sense
Yes, everyone knows the twist by now, whether or not they have seen it. And if you DON'T know the twist, where have you been - are you dead? In this movie, a child sees dead people and Bruce Willis helps him get his shit together... all before the big twist ending (that since then, M. Night has been lacking on... maybe Bruce Willis needs to help HIM get his shit together, instead.)

5. The Ring
I refuse to post a scary picture of that evil bitch...

Everyone knows this story by now. A bitch comes out of your screen in 7 days after you watch an un-labled VHS tape. Thank Christ no one uses VHS tapes anymore, because quite frankly... it's nerve racking to play what may or may not be your death in a week when you're just trying to watch some fuzzy porn you taped during your free week of Skinemax...

4. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Musicals + Halloween? Is this supposed to make us DIE? Because it does. Every time we watch it. Anything with Susan Surandon singing as she loses her virginity is cinematic gold... And if you're living under the biggest rock in the world, Glee's Halloween episode this year is "Rocky Horror" themed. We just died even more.

3. Jennifer's Body
"Mean Girls" meets "Scream." It's the perfect mix of horror, sex, and bitchiness.... and really - what else is Halloween?

2. Scream
The best (and only?) horror movie spoof that's actually a horror movie... You can read our previous post to see why else we love Scream.

1. Hocus Pocus
Is this a surprise? Nothing says Halloween like Bette, Sarah, and Kathy as the Sanderson Sisters sucking the lives out of children before sunrise. Our calendars are already marked for October 2011 so we can watch it again.


  1. JTT does not do the voice of casper! lol. if it was him, they wouldn't have needed devon sawa to play him when he becomes a real boy. it was probably some fat kid who is stuck doing radio or telemarketing these days.

    Sooo pumped to watch Hocus Pocus though!!