Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Top 10 Movies That I'd Like To See As Musicals

"Legally Blonde" has a musical version. "The Addams Family" has a musical version. Even Green Day has a musical with their songs.. Obviously, Broadway is where it's at. You know you've made it big when your music/plot has made it onto a Broadway stage. With that said, I took a look at 10 movies I think would be brilliant on stage...

10. Death Becomes Her
This movie starts with a musical number, anyway, so we're off to a good start. I'm not sure how a lot of this movie would be doable on stage - holes through people's stomachs, heads turning 180 degrees.. I get it. It might be tough. But it's called Broadway magic for a reason. If the head turning and stomach holes could be achieved, this movie would be a great campy treat on stage.

9. Elf

If those Rockettes can get their own stage show, why can't Buddy?

8. 13 Going On 30

This could be a really fun show. I can see it in my head. The music could be very 80's pop, especially for Jennifer Garner's character, while the rest of the cast could have more modern sounding tunes. Anything that brings 80's pop and 13-year-old girls in a grown woman's body together can never be a bad thing.

7. Disney's Hercules

Seeing the Muses live would be EPIC. And Idina Menzel would play the perfect Meg. If that is not enough to persuade you, "Mary Poppins" is on Broadway. "Hercules" isn't. Just sayin...

6. Hocus Pocus

I feel like this is already a musical, they just forgot to put music in it. Well, besides "I Put A Spell On You." These characters were MADE for the stage... Winnie, Sarah, Mary - just perfect. I don't know how Binx would work, but I'll let a creative director ponder that one.

5. Bring It On

Okay, I know that some big name people (Lin Manuel Miranda of "In the Heights" fame is doing music and Jeff Whitty of "Avenue Q" is writing the book) are currently working on making this a stage show, but it's still on my list for two reasons. One - I wanted it to be a musical as soon as I saw it in theaters, so this musical is MY brain child, not Miranda & Whitty's. And Two - they are really putting the "duh" in "dumb" because even though they have a great story in the palm of their hands, they are choosing to... tell a brand new story. No Sparky Polastri, no Big Red, no Clovers, no Toros, no loser sneeze... I will still see this show as soon as possible, but I feel as Big Red must have felt when the Toros don't use her routine. ("Nationals. Silver Platter. Hello.") Why take the name of a great movie and change the whole plot? If we were interested in seeing ANYTHING about cheer leading, we would have rented "Bring It On 12," but no... when I hear "Bring It On," I want to see my Toro and Clover girls. This news makes me want to choke someone... ("Better I choke you, Lafredddd...")

4. The Brady Bunch Movie

Although I just talked about how changing the plot of "Bring It On" for a musical was stupid and upsetting to me, I wouldn't mind it for a Brady Bunch musical. While I like the plot of "The Brady Bunch Movie," my main wants for a Brady Bunch musical would just be the same parody tone of the films. Keep the plot, get rid of it, I don't care... I just need this story of a lovely lady on stage. And if Jennifer Elise Cox isn't currently working, I want her reprising her role as Jan. And Christine Taylor can play Marcia. Actually, just bring back the whole cast (minus Bobby & Cindy... we'll need kids. We want this shit to look believable.)

3. Cruel Intentions

Like my "13 Going on 30" musical, I can also see this one in my head. In fact, I've been seeing this musical in my head since 10th grade. It obviously had some major casting changes over the years, but my current dream cast features Lea Michele in Sarah Michelle Gellar's role. We've seen her play innocent and naive in "Spring Awakening," and while whiny and full of herself on "Glee," we've never seen her play a real bitch. And I'm shaking just thinking about it. It could be amazing. But enough of my dream casting...  this show would really work on stage.. It's dark, it's twisted, it has its moments of comedy, but also has it's moments of heart. I think the only thing that would hurt this as a musical is the change of tone - while the movie can go back and forth from comedic moments to tragic deaths, I'm not sure the changes would be as smooth if songs were being sung. Either way, I'd like to see it happen. "So there's your analysis, Dr. Freud. Now tell me... are you in or are you out?"

2. Jennifer's Body

This movie is my number one choice for a musical adaption BY FAR. However, the number one choice on this list is more marketable than "Jennifer's Body," so I put this movie as number two. But, although I'd be the only one in the audience for a "Jennifer's Body" musical, I still really think it would work. Although this movie changes tone from scary to comedy, I don't think a stage show of this would suffer the same problems as a "Cruel Intentions" musical. In this show, we could focus on the camp and cut the horror - sure, she's a girl that eats boys to survive, but that doesn't have to be scary. I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about how to make this show work every day of my life... If "Evil Dead" can be a stage musical, "Jennifer's Body" certainly can, as well.

1. Mean Girls
Although my queen of a college roommate disagrees, "Legally Blonde" really worked as a musical. Especially for its target audience - tween girls and gay men. It doesn't take a lot to make either of those focus groups happy when it comes to Broadway - a good story, some great dancing, and a dash of pink. "Legally Blonde" had all of that. And heart. What could be better than that? "Mean Girls" on Broadway - it would have everything that made "Legally Blonde" what it was... a good story, great dancing, a dash of pink (on Wednesdays, of course), but instead of the heart found in "Legally Blonde," we'd have snarkiness and backstabbing. I already have my ticket.

I read an article a while ago where Tina Fey said she and her husband were working on a "Mean Girls" musical, but I've never seen the fruits of that labor. So, as I wait impatiently for that, I'm forced to dream of the musical on my own. And it's good. A whole song about how perfect/evil Regina George is. A giant Burn Book coming down from the sky... it's just the perfect blend of Broadway magic and high school bitchiness, and really - what else could a man ask for?

Agree? Disagree? What movies do you want to see on stage?


  1. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH ALL OF THEM....give me my season tickets every one. So meanwhile I'm gonna "keep on keep on keep on" waiting for all of these to come out.

  2. I would sign up in a heartbeat to see these!!!

  3. They actually are (or have already) making "Elf" into a musical. I believe it will be out this Christmas.

  4. If Hocus Pocus turned into a musical...I would just die! I would move to NYC and make sure I was cast as Sarah and my life would be complete!