Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pretty Little Liars - A "Pretty" Great Time

"Pretty Little Liars" premiered on ABC Family this week, and since I am too cheap to get cable, I had to wait until the next day to watch it on And it was so worth it.

Every positive thing I felt from watching the two-minute trailers and sneak peeks were validated by watching the hour long pilot. I know I am a 24-year-old male, but I have the tastes of a 13-year-old girl, and I really am okay with that; especially if my 13-year-old girl tastes result in me watching "Pretty Little Liars" every week.

As I've said before, the show seemed very "Gossip Girl" meets "Scream," and watching the pilot didn't change my mind at all. This hour had more scandal, secrets, lies, lust, betrayal, murders and mysterious texts than I could have ever imagined on ABC Family.

The show starts off with your average 15-year-old girl sleepover: alcohol and secrets. The girls go to bed, but awake to their friend saying that the Queen Bee of the group, Alison, has gone missing. One theme song later, we're taken one year into the future when the four remaining girls in the group begin to receive mysterious text messages signed from "A" saying that she knows their secrets.

And boy, do they have secrets!! Aria (Lucy Hale, "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2") is having a secret relationship with her English teacher. (I know it is wrong, but it feels so right. I've never been such a fan of statutory rape in the school systems...)

Emily is doing her best to hide her feelings for Mya (Bianca Lawson, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Save the Last Dance"), the new girl living in Alison's old house. (Bianca Lawson was born in 1979. Can we do the math for one second and let me know why she's playing a 16-year-old? And then can we discuss how she actually looks 16?)

Hanna steals things even though her mother can afford them. Daddy issues, anyone?

And Emily is doing her best to not steal things: her sister's fiance, to be exact. (Although, I'd like to see Emily get it on with the fiance, and fast.)

Is Alison really back, ready to spill their secrets?

The dead body found buried under a gazebo at Alison's former home begs to differ.

So, if it's not Alison, who is it? That's what I want to know. I also want to know what the main girls did to the resident blind girl, Jenna. Occasionally throughout the episode, they mention "the Jenna thing" and that they can never tell anyone what happened.

Bitches, murder, mysterious texts, blind girls, and a "We can never mention this again" secret past. Has TV ever been better? Yes, and I don't need a mysterious text message to prove it. But I'm still going to watch this show and enjoy every soapy minute, not caring for one second what anyone thinks of me. And I promise you that is not a pretty little lie.

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