Friday, May 28, 2010

My New Favorite Shows...

Unless you are a 13 year old girl or me, you won't have any interest in seeing either of these shows. However, since I am practically a 13 year old girl, I have both of these premieres marked on my calendar. My Zac Efron calendar. Just kidding...I'm not that lame. Well, I am...I just couldn't find a Zac Efron calendar, so I had to settle for a classy black and white photoshoot one. Boring.

But, anyway...


I don't even need to write a paragraph form review of this trailer because the following equation speaks for itself.


This seems like another Beautiful Life that will get cancelled after 3 episodes, but you can be damn sure I will own those 3 episodes on DVD.


"Gossip Girl" meets..."Scream?" "Jennifer's Body?" I'm not quite sure... I just know the Queen Bee dies and still sends text messages outing everyone's secrets. Now that's a real bitch. Girlfriend is dead and still telling everyone's gossip...

The "Sex" is Back, But Where's My City?

I've been waiting two years for this movie. As the ending credits were rolling after the first movie, I was ready to pay the $10.50 (...$13 if you live in New York) to see the sequel right at that moment. I missed my girls already. Well, it's two years later and I bought tickets online to the midnight showing the night it came out...

Yes, I had read the reviews before going. All of them. The ones that were so hard on Sarah Jessica Parker it would turn Samantha on (hard...get it?), the ones that said that this movie makes every negative thing ever said about the series and the first movie actually true. I read them, but I didn't care. I was seeing my girls again.

I told myself ahead of time to not get my hopes up. Although many people complained the first film ruined the series, I loved it. I was obsessed and went to see it numerous times in theaters, and even now, it is often my "fall asleep to movie." The first movie tore me apart and I was very much invested in every aspect of the plot... I found myself angry, physically angry, with Carrie for taking Big back at the end. Why, Carrie, why!?
(Because, I later found out, she is a character and someone wrote for her to do such things...) After watching these women for 6 seasons, I really do feel like they are my friends.

And like friends that you miss, you want to see them under any circumstances... even if they aren't the best. So, I prepared myself that even if this movie was the worst film I ever walked into; it wasn't the plot I was after, it was my girls. I even told myself it could be a full length Cynthia Nixon sex tape and I'd be happy with long as she was wearing Manolos and Sarah Jessica Parker was narrating.

But somewhere between my pep talk to myself and the end of the sequel...I lost these feelings. I was seeing my old friends, but they had changed. In the two years since I had seen them last, something happened. I wasn't sure what... but like Samantha's funky spunk guy, I didn't like the taste it was leaving in my mouth.

Did I like the movie? At first, I kept saying to myself a line that Charlotte repeats to herself while drunk in the sequel, "I don't know... I don't know... I don't know..." I really didn't know. I wanted to like it. Hell, I wanted to love it. But as Samantha taught us in the first movie, you just can't force some things... She left Smith, and after 6 years and 2 feature length films, it was time for me to leave my girls. My best friends. We were breaking up. I could still look back at our memories together (and DVDs...), and would be able to smile and laugh, but I would just have to ignore the moment it all went wrong: the sequel.

So, I went to bed, mourning my loss. Wishing that, instead of pimping out a sequel in two years, they would have spent an extra year making the quality just a tad more something to be desired. "It could have been really, really good..." I told myself as I cried myself to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up, not thinking about the movie. The night before had been a mistake that we had all made... them for making it, me for seeing it. I didn't need to think about it. I continued my day as normal.

Until a good looking gentleman passed my way. I raised my eyebrows to myself and said one of Samantha's lines from the sequel (that I don't want to quote and ruin). And laughed. Fine, I said. Samantha's lines were funny, but that's it.

But then I thought about it... The movie was funny. I would give it that. During the movie, I found myself belly laughing over and over. But I still didn't know if I liked it. Was a movie being funny enough to make it good?

If it's a comedy, yes. Maybe. Charlotte and I still didn't know. We just didn't know. Even as I write this, I still don't know.

I laughed a lot. It was great to see these four characters back together. Unlike the first movie, sex was back and it was playing a bigger part (with Samantha, thank God... not Miranda getting it from behind). But what was really missing was the city part of "Sex and the City."

Most of the film is set in Abu Dhabi; and while the culture shock puts our girls (mainly Samantha) in some fun situations, it's just not New York. I heard Sarah Jessica Parker say in an interview once that New York City has always been the unspoken fifth character of the series; would they cut Samantha out of the sequel? Miranda? No. So why New York?

I get it... kind of. But I'm not happy about it.

And I never want to see Liza butcher another Beyonce song as long as I live. I don't care if it was supposed to be campy. I don't care if it was supposed to be funny. It was painful.

And YES..I will see the sequel again. And I'll buy it on DVD. I'm just using Liza's performance as a bathroom break.