Tuesday, March 2, 2010


What is your favorite Disney movie?
Mine is "Beauty and the Beast" is at the top of my list, as well.

What ISN'T at the top of my list is "Snow White." Or "Cinderella."
I hate them and they bore me.

HOWEVER... with that said, when you modernize fairy tales and set them in a high school/college, I'm HOOKED.

"A Cinderella Story" ... count me in.
"Sydney White" ...love it.

Wish there was an Aladdin one, but there's not (that I'm aware of.)

SOOO what does any of this have to do with "Beauty and the Beast?"

Funny you should ask... I've only been waiting my whole freakin' life for this:

Okay, listen... before you start bitching about how awful this looks, shut up. You know what to expect from my blog, and if you don't enjoy my opinions, leave... but I literally can't wait until July 2010 and will be there opening night. Said it.

Fairy tale remakes. High school. Vanessa Hudgens. Mary Kate Olsen. Freaking Neil Patrick Harris. Like... what could be better? (An "Aladdin" remake, I know, but until then... "Beastly" will MORE than do.)

While I don't understand why Baby V keeps getting cast as the unpopular and plain girl, I'm not fighting it. If they wan't me to believe she's unpopular and plain, I'll believe it.

And I'll do anything, even perform dirty sex acts on the Devil, to have an Olsen twin on my screen again. Yes, I'm upset it's not a Full House reunion, and yes, I'm upset they aren't together (preferably for a "New York Minute 2"). But again, I'm not fighting it.

However, while I'LL be there opening night, not one part of me thinks this movie will have a happily ever after at the box office...