Monday, February 1, 2010

When in Rome

While "Avatar" may have been #1 in the box office AGAIN, it was in no thanks to me. And I'm not apologizing. Instead, I saw "The Tooth Fairy" and "When in Rome," instead. And I'm not apologizing for that, either.

"When in Rome" is not life changing, nor is it unpredictable. What it IS, however, is approximately an hour and a half of good laughs and a cute story. For the most part, the movie is just an extended trailer, but I like the trailer for "When in Rome," so I don't mind.

What's funny, though, is that I like the parts of the movie that don't have to do with the men chasing her a lot better than I like the parts that do. For instance, one scene with Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel at a restaurant like you would find on "Dating in the Dark" is FANTASTIC, and I would love to just watch that scene over and over.

While I wil love Kristen Bell no matter what she does (even marry Dax Shepard..ew..but he is amazingly funny in this movie..), who really shines in this movie is Duhamel, who I never knew could do physical comedy so well. He takes a lot of hits to the face in this movie, and I laughed every time.

Is it the best thing Kristen Bell has her name attatched to? No. (Please... Always remember "Veronica Mars") Is it the best movie out in theaters at the moment? No. But I'd rather spend an hour and a half laughing and watching KBell than doing a lot of other stuff.

Plus, a Napoleon and Pedro reunion is in the movie for a brief scene. Long enough for Napoleon fans to feel appreciated, but short enough for Napoleon haters to get over it and move on.

And not that I mind...but when I was looking up how much money movies made this weekend, I saw that New Moon was still in theaters. Why? It comes out on DVD the end of next month (my birthday, to be exact... so start reserving copies as my gift, bitches).

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