Sunday, February 21, 2010

We are the World youtube cover

I could watch unknown people sing cover songs on Youtube until my ears bleed. I've met many of my future spouses this way: Nick Pitera, Brandon Webman, Meryl Webman, the list goes on...

I just love cover songs. Me and my best friend since elementary school always wanted to start an Ace of Base cover band, but the fact that she only plays the violin, I don't play anything, and Ace of Base only has 5 singles has stopped us... HOWEVER, it didn't stop me from enjoying cover music from Youtube stars around the world.

What I also love is when well known artists do cover songs. I JUST LOVE COVER SONGS, ok? So when everyone and their mom *minus Beyonce, Alicia, and Gaga* teamed up to do "We Are The World," you can imagine my tears and goosebumps. Loved. It.

But THEN I come across a COVER of that COVER. By Youtube Stars.


Like, everything I ever dreamt of in life in one place. Including my baby, Nick Pitera. Brandon & Meryl, you are missed..., but congratulations Baby Nick for being asked to be a part of this. You rock your part, give me chills, and yes I cried from this video, also.

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