Sunday, February 28, 2010

Valentine's Day

Critics tore this movie a new asshole, and were not gentle about it. Like they tore it in a hardcore porn way. They were rough. I still went to see it, knowing full well I never agree with critics and that I would love it. I was wrong, critics were right. I love "Crash," "Love Actually," "He's Just Not That Into You," and any other movie with random plot lines of characters you fall in love with tied together somehow.

However... when they DON'T tie together and you don't get enough time to fall in love with any of them, you end up with... well, "Valentine's Day."

The "main?" storyline follows Ashton Kutcher as he proposes to Jessica Alba. She says yes, but decides against it...ending her part in the movie. She's literally in a scene or two. And while some of the movies mentioned above have minor characters like this that work, it seems that MOST of the characters/storylines in "Valentine's Day" are like this.

While I will NEVER complain about seeing Taylor Lautner on any screen, his part was even less needed than Alba's and he and Taylor Swift were obviously thrown in to get tween girls (and me) to go see the movie. It worked, but I wasn't happy with his 10 lines that had not a damn thing to do with any of the storylines.

I feel like there was a good movie in there somewhere, but I couldn't find it. Yes, it has some good laughs (mostly with Jessica Biel, who is fantastic and underrated), but overall... I'd rather just watch "Love Actually" and pretend it takes place on Valentine's Day instead of Christmas.

...All of that said, I will buy it when it comes out on DVD. I can't help it. Bright colors, love stories, and Taylor Lautner will always rope me in.

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