Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New GLEE footage!!

Recently on Entertainment Tonight, they showed footage from the new Madonna themed episode of Glee, which begins again the middle of April.

I have waited my whole life for Glee to return again, and this makes me even more excited. I think the best thing I've ever witnessed is Rachel in a "Team Finn" shirt. It just makes me realize that I AM Rachel, and I'm really okay with that. (I'm wearing a Team Snooki shirt as I type this and my Team Jacob shirt is laying on my floor. Next up: Team Rachel shirt.)

I'm mad Sue Sylvester is back on my screen so quickly, though. Jane Lynch is amazing, whatever. But I hate her character and just needed a break. However, I'm glad to see a Santana/Brittany/Finn scene because it means more Brittany time. I could totally deal with her being a main character instead of just supporting.

But whether it's Sue, Rachel, or Brittany on my screen... just bring Glee back!! Is it April 15 yet?

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