Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm Pretty Sure I Saw This Already... On The Big Screen

Hannah Montana will be ending in March after 4 seasons. Take out the tissues now, and please pass them my way. While children's television programs will NEVER compare to 90's kids shows (Salute Your Shorts, Hey Dude, Kids Incorporated...need I go on?), Hannah Montana is actually one of the better kids shows on TV right now. But not for long. The finale is scheduled to air on March 7 (part 1) with part 2 on March 14.

HOWEVER if you purchase "Goodbye Miley" on DVD (Both parts of the finale), you can have it on March 9.. viewing it 5 days before the cheap asses who choose to just watch it on TV. (I'll be one of those cheap asses, ps.)

With that said... this plot (Miley sick of being Hannah, blah blah, Crowley Corners) is a lot like the movie, which I think should have been the end of the series. When you have a movie on big screens, it's hard to go back to TV afterwards and be just as good (just ask "Doug")...

Anyway, I'm just glad they are giving it a proper finale unlike most kids shows that just end randomly. I'll be watching. Make me proud, Miley.

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