Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Edge of Darkness

I love Jewish people. Zac Efron is Jewish. A lot of my best friends are Jewish. In high school, I wanted to convert to Judaism. So when Mel Gibson went on Anti Semitic kick a few years back, I swore I was done with him. Not that I was ever a Gibson-ite before that... I don't really know that I ever liked any of his movies, actually. But either way, from then on, I decided I would be swearing off Mel Gibson. Just like I swore off Chris Brown last year when you-know-what happened. Well, I own the new Chris Brown CD and like it (although Rihanna's new CD is so much better. She wins.) And last night I saw the new Mel Gibson movie, "Edge of Darkness."

To be fair... I only saw the movie so that my blog could finally have a negative review. So far, all of the movies I review are the same: "Loved it! I...can't... Meryl/Amy Adams/The black princess/Kristen Bell was AMAZING." But I wanted to come on Sexy Trash and write mean things about the movie and Mel Gibson.

Uh oh.

I liked it a lot. I won't say love, but I did like it a lot.

When Boston detective Thomas Craven (Gibson)'s daughter, Emma, comes home to visit, she is seemingly ill, and as they are leaving the house to go to the hospital, she says, "Dad, I have something to tell you." And with that, a car passes by and shoots her, leaving her dead.

He sets out to find her killer, which leads to many secrets and conspiracys, both corporate and political. Never knowing who to trust, he finds he'll have to figure this one out by himself. Which is good, since most of the people that lend their hand are either against him or end up dead... Yikes.

I don't want to give any more away, but many times during the movie I was screaming, "OH SHIT" and turning my head quickly. I probably won't buy this movie, but I may suggest to my dad for a Netflix viewing.

Let it be known that I still do not like Mel Gibson as a person, and I won't be in the passenger seat of his drunk bus anytime soon, but as for the movie, I liked it..

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