Monday, February 15, 2010

The Amazing Race Season 16

It's true. I've never watched this show before. And it's true that I was only excited for this season due to the return of Big Brother's Jordeff (Jordan/Jeff). But what's also true is that somewhere between the beginning of the episode and the ending credits, I fell in love with this show.

Jordan (Big Brother 11 winner) and boyfriend Jeff

First of all, while I still plan on being on Big Brother and winning sometime in my life, I also want to be on The Amazing Race. It's a fun and challenging way to see the world, and why not experience it with someone you love? (Big Sexy, I'm talking to you...) Would lme running around the world sweaty, exhausted, and not-so-fabulous-as-usual not be the best TV you've ever seen? Please... it's in the bag.

Now that that's out of the way, let's discuss this season. As I said before, I only set up a season pass of The Amazing Race (now in its 16th season) to see Jeff and Jordan. However, instead of being a Jordeff-centric fan that only cheered for them, I found myself cheering and rooting for a few other teams, as well. And hating a few, also.

Besides Jeff and Jordan, my other favorite team is Dan and Jordan; two brothers, one gay, one straight. I love the way these two interact and it pulls on my heart strings and makes me wish I had a brother. But then I realize that I probably wouldn't get along with a brother, so I go back to being fine not having one and, instead, just enjoy watching these two. Jordan is fantastic, and he has some good one-liners and quips that I hope are on my screen until the finale. I would love a JJ/DJ finale. Probably won't happen, but a boy can wish..

Dan and Jordan

One of Jordan's funnier moments in this episode is when he realizes one of the other teams includes Miss Teen South Carolina because of clips he's seen of her butchering the question portion of the pageant.

If you haven't seen this yet, here you go. And before you thank're welcome. Such as.

But that brings me to Brent and Miss Maps, herself, Caite. I do not like them and want them kicked off immediately. First of all, they are both models... can we look at Brent's face? How is that modeling and I'm sitting at a computer writing about him? I'm better looking than that. Just because I don't have abs... Whatev. Getting them. Speaking of getting things, Caite... get a name. I understand what your mother was trying to do, but it didn't work. Just like your Miss Teen USA answer didn't work. They already had a half hour of penalty time added to them this week for breaking the rules, so one can hope that they mess up again next week and leave our screens for good. Such as.

Fug Face Brent and No Name Caite

Although they had penalty time, Brent & Caite were not the ones to go home. Instead, Dana and Adrian, high school sweethearts who are now married, were the first to go. During a competition where one member of the couple had to cross a 100-yard high wire, Adrian fell twice. While some teams (me, included) would be yelling from the side, Dana watched and cheered him on, saying how proud she was for trying his best. When they were kicked off, I won't lie... I cried. There is just so much love in their marriage, and I hated having to let go of them so early. ...Especially when there are plenty more people who I hate.

Dana and Adrian

I signed up for a season pass on DVR, and I can NOT wait to watch this show week after week. I even plan on watching long after Jeff and Jordan are kicked off (which...let's face it...won't be long. Previews for next week already have me nervy for those two.)

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