Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Adam LuPone

If you are friends with me in real life or if you know anything about Broadway current events, you know that sometime last year, Patti LuPone (WHY am I blogging about her?!?) stopped one of her songs during a performance of Gypsy to yell at someone who was taking pictures or recording or something. I was outraged. Broadway tickets are FAR from cheap, and this bitch stops the show in the middle of a song and yells at someone?

...Bitch, get it together. And get out of my life.

(PS - my sister is OBSESSED with her. I can't stand her. That's the background story.)

Anyway, this blog is not about that overplayed old broad. No, this is about one of my loves who decided to pull a "LuPone," if you will...

At one of his recent concerts, Adam Lambert stopped a song to tell an audience member to get off of their phone. TMZ has a video:

This is why it's okay that he did it and not LuPone.

1. Let's compare ticket prices for a Broadway performance and an acoustic Adam Lambert concert. I'm just guessing the Lamby tickets were cheaper than a DVD. Just sayin.

2. This was not a Broadway show, so him stopping the song and restarting is not ruining the plot. Old Bitch, however, broke the fourth wall, stopped the play and ruined the play. I would have asked for my money back. (Nevermind. I would actually not ever see anything with her in it, so there would be no money for me to get back.)

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