Saturday, January 23, 2010

Little Jersey Shore

I always like when kids act out inappropriate things. One time at a church talent show, I had my little sister (who was 9 at the time) and some of her friends act out the scene from "Mean Girls" where Cady meets the Plastics for the first time. Including the lines "I know what home schooled is, I'm not retarded" and "If you're from Africa, why are you white?" Not surprisingly, I wasn't asked to direct a church talent show ever again.

Sometimes I come across Youtube videos where little kids act out TV shows and movies that are inappropriate, and I love all things about them. I saw "Sex and the City" spoof a while ago, and loved it before I even clicked the play button.

Apparently a girl from "Heroes" is in that video? That's fine. Not why I'm watching, though. I'm upset my parents weren't smart enough to bank on my good looks as a child and make me act out adult themed movies. ...That sounds like I wish I was in child porn when I was younger, but it's not what I mean. Like, can't I act out "The Godfather" or some shit?

Anyway... My latest obsession is "Little Jersey Shore" where kids act out highlights from "Jersey Shore." Just like the MTV show, Snooki is my favorite in this video, as well. And also just like the real show, JWoww has heart, but looks rough. I mean, God bless her, but.. Yeah.

It's sad that the adults in this video can't act for shit, though. These 5-year-olds with bronzer on their faces are out-acting grown ass men. Sorry, fellas...

I want to marry the real Snooki and adopt baby Snooki. Perfect Guido/Guidette family. Okay, bitches - I'm off to get a spray tan

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