Saturday, January 30, 2010

Stay Tuned for More FIST PUMPING!!!

As everyone knows by now, MTV was in talks with the cast of "Jersey Shore" to sign for a second season. The cast wanted more money than MTV was offering, and said that if they didn't ALL get the amount they wanted, NONE of them were doing it. Hey, it worked for "Friends," why not JWoww Aniston? So, MTV was holding out on the cash, the cut-off date for the cast to decide was quickly approaching... So, what's a 15-minute of famer to do? Join without your friends, of course!

That's right... Ronnie signed on before his friends. Sad day. Could you imagine six new cast members and Ronnie living in a house? No thanks. Six new cast members and Snooki... fine, but Ronnie... I'll pass. Well, anyway... we don't need to worry about that now. has just reported that the WHOLE CAST has signed on for SEASON 2. They are in negotiations now as to how many club appearances they can make while still filming. TMZ writes, "Cast members -- especially Snooki, Pauly D and The Situation -- want the right to appear at as many as four clubs and other venues a week ... where they've been raking in good money in appearance fees."

I AM SO EXCITED. I hope their job is as lifeguards this year. I want Snooki climbing up that lifeguard stand NOW. ...And I know a lot of beaches in Jersey are turning them down and not letting them film season 2 there because it will give them a bad name... Um, first of all... think of the PUBLICITY. Are you insane? Second... MTV, If everywhere turns you down, the cast can come live in my backyard for a summer. I have a pool.

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