Saturday, January 30, 2010

Preview in Review #4

Included in this post are the 7 previews that were shown before "The Tooth Fairy." Of course, they are all children's movies. Some are cute, and some are... well... Take a look for yourself:

7. Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore

Absolutely not. Like... I can't.

6. Despicable Me

This trailer tells me NOTHING. ...Except that I hate this movie already. I've never been more annoyed by a can that makes a "Moo" sound. And yes, I've seen more than this one.

5. Marmaduke

I didn't like the comic, and I don't like the trailer. Call me when there's a "Family Circus" or "Cathy" movie. Now THOSE I would watch.

4. Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

This is the longest title for a movie I've ever seen. With that said, I wanted to see it when I saw this preview before "New Moon," and I still want to. I like teenagers doing magic and fighting movies. Except "Harry Potter." I hate that lightning bolt head wizard. But son of Neptune? That I'll see. ...However, I could do without Pierce Brosnan. I love Rosario Dawson, though..

3. How To Train Your Dragon

This looks cute. Probably one of the better kids' movies on the list (I'm talking to you, Kitty Galore...), and Kristen Wiig voices one of the characters, so one can only hope to hear a "...sorry" from one of the dragons.

2. The Karate Kid

I don't remember the original. Wax on, wax off. That's the closest my memory comes to remembering the original. But I do like Will Smith's son. Jackie Chan...not so much, but that's okay. I'll keep one eye closed the entire movie to block out the part of the screen he's on. No, he actually looks pretty tolerable during this preview. I mean, he's certainly not the spy next door in this movie. Thank God...

1. Toy Story 3

I loved the first two, although the first installment will always be the best. Let it be known I will most likely cry during this movie. And laugh, obviously. Mrs. Potato Head's one eye is already making me crack up. But seriously... what 18-year-old still has a toy box? If he still in the attic...fine. But a toy box? Really, Andy? Really??


  1. 1. YES PLEASE to a cathy movie starring andy samburg. i can't believe it's not in the works yet. frustration squiggle!!!

    2. i am obsessed with the how to train your dragon trailer. i've watched the part where the dragon makes him eat the fish more times than i should really admit.

  2. I cannot lie. College Andy gives me a wettie.