Monday, January 18, 2010

Preview In Review #3

Okay, I admit it. I saw "The Lovely Bones" twice. So far. I know I should be saving money and I know it put me in a weird mood for 24 hours, but whatev... still saw it again. So I'm in a bad mood again and I'm more poor than before.

The upside?

Double the previews to review!

7. Greenberg

Ben Stiller in a serious role? I'm not used to it. And for good reason. This movie looks boring as sin. He's angry with getting older. Fine. I get it. I've seen it all before. But adding Ben Stiller to the mix doesn't make me want to see it again. Ben, go back to the museum for a night.

6. Edge of Darkness

I change my mind about this movie depending on which trailer I see. I see the short ones on TV and say "Absolutely not," but then I saw the extended trailer at the theater and said " doesn't look THAT bad." But the truth is it doesn't look that good either. And you know it's going to be a movie where all the good parts are in the trailer. ...and the trailer doesn't have many good parts. Sorry Mel. Not today.

5. The Runaways

It's really a shame. This movie looks good and would be much higher on my "To See" list if it wasn't for one thing. Kristen Stewart. This creature has ruined my life. I love Twilight, love New Moon, love Adventureland. But I can't stand her face and I can't stand her "acting." Playing with your hair and talking monotone is not acting. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's some form of a mental disability. KStew, KEw. You ruin me. But get itttt, Dakota.

4. Shutter Island

This movie looks great. Leo has a bit of chub face going on, but I don't mind because the movie looks legit good. Why is it so far down on my list? Because it also looks legit scary and I know I'll pee myself watching it. As I said before, I need to save money and can't waste money at Gap buying a new pair of jeans just because a movie makes me piss myself.

3. Out of My League

Two of the guys in this movie were in "Cloverfield." It's great, already. One of the girls was on "Veronica Mars." Still great. The skinny guy from "Knocked Up" is the lead and gets excited a little too soon. This is all life needs, really. Plus I went on the official website to get my rating. And it said I'm a "10." ....As if we all didn't know that already.

2. Our Family Wedding

"Guess Who" minus Ashton Kutcher with Latino people instead of white people. Comedy gold. And Regina King makes every part of me smile. Especially when her sass is used for laughs.

1. Dear John

I'm currently reading the book, and although I've spent what seems like 100 pages reading about John's dad's coin collection, I'm excited for the love story that Nicholas Sparks has to share. His movies always make me cry, and with a post-9/11 war story, I'm sure it will bring the tears. And... Amanda Seyfried is the stuff my dreams are made of. Plus, I like letter-reading montages.

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  1. The only film that looks legit good on this list is Shutter Island. The Runaways? No fucking thanks. Purposeful indy is always just extreme bullshit. Plus you couldn't pay me to watch anything starring both Kristen fughead-homeless-beaver-punch-me-in-the-face-already Stewart and Dakota fuck-me-already Fanning.