Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Phantommmmmmmm of the Opera is here... Inside my mind.

Yesterday, I spent the day in... NEW YORKKKKKKKKKKKK, CONCRETE JUNGLE WHERE DREAMS ARE MADE OFFFFFFF. While there, my friends and I decided to get last minute tickets to a show, which is always my idea of a great time.

"Let's see 'West Side Story' or 'Phantom of the Opera,'" my friend suggested.

"...Okay," I answered. "Or we can see 'Bye Bye Birdie' with Uncle Jessie from 'Full House'"

We stood and discussed other show choices, but all of the plays started at 2 and it time was flying by. It was a race against the clock, and standing in the cold thinking of the current running musicals weren't getting us tickets... or warming us up.

Lion King. Bye Bye Birdie. Shrek. Bye Bye Birdie. Mary Poppins. Bye Bye Birdie.

Finally, we decided (not due to pressure from me, of course...) to see Bye Bye Birdie. We got to the theater 5 minutes before it was scheduled to begin, and although tickets were available, they weren't very close seats and they were very expensive. Baby Boy wasn't willing to pay that for this show. Bye Bye, Birdie. Not today.

Again, "Phantom of the Opera" was brought up. I've never seen this show, and although it's a classic and one of the longest running shows on Broadway, due to certain situations (my sister... cough cough), it's never been on the top of my "Must See" list.

A back story on my sister:

God bless her, but she listens to opera/Patti Lupone (gag) and any other high pitched old woman singer you can think of on FULL VOLUME on REPEAT. One can only be serenaded by Angela Lansbury so many times before going crazy and over anything that sounds like classical music. Give me rap. Give me Ke$ha. Give me the farthest thing from classically trained singers.

Now back to "Phantom"...:

Because of certain sibling's obsessions, this show wasn't on the top of my list. I mean... it's a musical, and it's live theater, so I'd enjoy it no matter what, but still... So I spent the first 10 minutes or so watching and saying "What in heaven's name did I get myself into?" Some woman was singing an opera song. I couldn't really understand. And all I could hear was my sister in her cat pajamas belting the same song. This certainly was no Bye Bye Birdie.

But then... mirrors opened, bitches climbed inside the hole where the mirror was and suddenly the stage was transformed into an underground lair. Fog filled the stage, boats floated around. I was hooked. And the Broadway magic didn't end with boats and fog. Chandeliers fell from the ceiling, people disappeared, and my favorite... a man JUMPED OFF A BRIDGE AND FELL INTO THE STAGE LIKE IT WAS WATER.

...I may not have taken vocal lessons, but I've been known to perform a karaoke track or two, and I will do what it takes to get this part in this show. My new life goal is to jump off a bridge and fall into a stage hole.

And when you're not forced to listen to it on repeat, the music is very good. It's creepy, it's beautiful, it's everything the performance was.

I'm glad that the other show didn't work out because I don't think I would have seen this show if it weren't for that, but I am glad I did. If you get a chance to see "Phantom of the Opera," please do. It's a classic. ...Like "The Golden Girls." If there was ever a Golden Girls musical...

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  1. Golden Girls musical...please...i'd die. omg.