Wednesday, January 6, 2010


As I type this, I am looking at a shelf full of musicals on DVD. Across the Universe. Chicago. Dreamgirls. Grease. Hairspray. High School Musical. Moulin Rouge. Sweeney Todd. Rent. Reefer Madness. And the list really does go on. So, what can we take away from this? I like musicals of all kinds. Put a song in it, you have my heart.

........With that said, "Nine" DOES NOT have my heart. It does not have any part of me. Trailers did a great job of drawing me in. Flashes of skin and dancing as Fergie's voice echoes "BEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ITALIANNNNNNNNNN" through the theater. The actual product, however... not so hot.

Sure, the movie has it's ups: Fergie's performance.

But it also has it's downs: Everything else.

No, in all honesty..I liked Penelope Cruz in the film, but most of the songs were people talk-singing over music as opposed to people actually singing. Nicole Kidman also did a good job with her song, but overall, I was just bored and very underwhelmed.

And whoever cast Kate Hudson in anything besides a romantic comedy with Matthew McConaughey is a moron. Has this woman ever said she could sing? No. And for good reason... she can't.

wtf is this?

If this is what it means to "Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Italian"... I'll just stick to beinggggggggggg American, thank you very much.

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