Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lied to you...

Okay, so I am NOT posting pictures of myself with Hailey Glassman. The main reason being I don't want to be stalked by some old man like a little girl with a lollipop on the playground. So no pictures of me and Hailey G.

However, I will still let you know about my Z-List adventure.

Ronnie and Sammi were supposed to arrive at 9.
They didn't come until a little after 12. Who are you? Nobody. Exactly. Carry on.

And then they had the balls (and extensions) to just sit in a booth with bouncers surrounding them.
Excuse me....Sweetheart, is it? I paid $10 to meet you.. come out of your booth.

Pat yo' weave, ladies...

Okay, so me standing 2 feet from their booth was the extent of my meeting "Jersey Shore" cast members.

HOWEVER...  Before all this... FLASHBACK ALERTTTTT...

About an hour after arriving at the bar, who should pass by me but Lindsay Lohan Daddy, himself... Michael Lohan.

Tell me the truth... Did you ever love meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

First I picked my jaw up off the ground and then I photobombed the shit out of him. Please look on TMZ, US Weekly, every tabloid you can think of because if there was a photographer aiming a camera at Daddy Lohan, I was behind him puckering my lips and throwing up peace signs.

Eventually, I asked him for a picture and he agreed. He was very nice. The man has a bad rep... sure, his daughter is a hot ass mess and he may or may not steal her money or whatever... he still is a lovely man.

But the best experience of the night would have to be about two hours...and many drinks...into the night when John Gosslin's mistress/ex-gf Hailey Glassman passed me. I've watched an episode of "John and Kate Plus 8" and all I really know is he cheated on her, they're divorced. That's it. I'm not Team John. I'm not Team Kate. I'm Team Change the Channel.

However, you would think this bitch was the second coming of Anna Nicole the way I acted.

[Insert hug here]

Then she called me hot. Thank you very much.

Yes, I understand she once thought John Gosslin was hot, so that's her type... fat and sweaty. Blah blah. I see where you could think this way... But I think she clearly learned from her mistakes and has obviously gotten better taste.

And I think I am clearly on the train....the VERY slow train... to making it to the D-List.



  2. i fucking lllllllove your blog sexy trashhhhhhhhhh <3 fynes