Friday, January 29, 2010

KBell talks "When In Rome," "VERONICA MARS" MOVIE, and "Burlesque"

The NY Post just released an interview with my favorite actress in the world, Kristen Bell. They talk about "When in Rome" (which I'm seeing this weekend and can't wait to review), but what also came up was that damn "Veronica Mars" movie. Okay, I'm getting annoyed. I know she is, too. Just do it or don't. But stop dangling it front of my face. I can't take it anymoreeeee.

PopWrap: So I've gotta ask about "Veronica Mars." Last we heard it was DOA, still the case?

Kristen: There's really no new news unfortunately. Rob Thomas wrote a treatment about a year ago, brought it to Warner Bros and they said there's no enthusiasm to make a "Veronica Mars" movie at this time. Which means, they don't think it will sell tickets -- because, let's face it, no one is going to finance a movie when they don't think they'll make money back. So it's all a matter of convincing them that people will go see it.

PW: Oh, I'd buy six tickets!

Kristen: I make them aware of that fact this question comes up in every single interview I do. People will see it, but it's such a small community -- what they need to realize is how fiercely loyal they are. For example, if you have a TV show that gets 10 million viewers, they think that if even half those people see the movie, they'll earn their money back. Even though we only had 3 million viewers, each and every one of them will go see it -- twice!

Okay... first of all, I saw "High School Musical 3" NINE TIMES in theaters. And "Mean Girls" ELEVEN. This is not an excuse. Just make the f'ing movie. People will see it. Not to mention, everyone I know that loves it started watching it ON DVD long after the series ended. Make it now when KBell is still young because what I DON'T want is A. A new cast and/or B. Old Professional Veronica. I want her in college. I want her sneaking around and juggling Piz and Logan.

Whatever... I'll just come to terms that I will never get a VM movie and that these interviews are just ways to dick me around. How rude.. I didn't like when you did it to Logan and I don't like when you do it to me, Veronica... er, Kristen.

Anyway - what we ARE getting from KBell is "Burlesque," the movie musical about a burlesque club starring KBell, Cher, Christina Aguilera, Dianna Aragon (Quin from "Glee), and Cam Gigandet. I have been waiting for this movie FOREVERRRR, and although we don't get new information about the movie from this interview (It's great working with Cher, dancing is hard, blah blah), it's good to hear the film being talked about.

Moral of this post: Warner Brothers, get your heads out of your collective asses and start working on the VM movie.

You can view the whole NY Post interview HERE.

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