Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"In The Heights" Ft. Corbin Bleu

A little more than a year ago, I took my friend to see "In The Heights" on Broadway. Although we were seated in the last row, the show was fantastic. The Latin flare oozed through me, and it was hard to not dance in the aisles and shout, "NO PARE, SIGUE SIGUE!!" It's just a great story about everyday people living in Washington Heights on the 4th of July. No green girls, no red headed orphan girl, just people living and working.

It instantly became one of my Top 10 shows, and I know I would be seeing this show again. What I didn't know at the time is that everyone's favorite frizzy haired, singing basketball player, Corbin Bleu, would eventually join the cast.

But when I DID find this news out... ohhh boy. I was reading Broadway.com or Playbill.com or one of those sites and saw that Corbin Bleu was joining the cast as Usnavi (the lead) and knew I had to get tickets for his opening night. Not just for Corbin... sure, I love him, I wouldn't kick him out of bed, blah blah, but what if his friends came to support him opening night? The Tizz on the my right, Zefron on my left. My heart was pounding and I was already practicing choreography for when we star in "High School Musical 4" together as I ordered tickets.

The show was last night. And no, none of his friends came to see him. But I DID see the writer/original Usnavi, Lin Manuel Miranda, and a bunch of other people tied in with the show and other Broadway shows. Also there was Corbin Bleu's dad, who you may recognize as his dad in the Disney movie "Jump In," who gave Sexy Trash an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW.

Okay... not so much exclusive interview as he knew the woman sitting next to me and I was eavesdropping as he talked to her.

After "The Beautiful Life," the CW show about models in New York, was cancelled while they were filming episode six, Corbin was going to move back to California. However, his dad suggested staying in New York and seeing what could come for him there. He auditioned for "In The Heights" and originally went in to play Benny, but he had so much charisma and he sounded great speaking Spanish that they cast him as Usnavi. He is currently signed on for 3 months, but if he likes it/audiences like him, there's an option to stay. And  cast members of "High School Musical" ARE coming to see him, they just don't know when yet.

...End of exclusive interview/eavesdropping session.

I can't imagine him leaving after 3 months, though. I think audiences will love him. Honestly. I went in the theater, expecting to be entertained, but that was it. I just wanted to be able to check off one of my six things to do on my "Meet the cast of High School Musical" bucket list. But I was AMAZED. And not just "High School Musical" amazed... like, legit. Corbin held his own and HARD. The raps flowed off his tongue, he had great chemistry with the cast, he has great stage presence. Definately the best Broadway stunt casting I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot of stunt casting in my day.. He was just GREAT and you should really get tickets if you get a chance.

After the show, I looked at my watch 10:30. It was getting late, but I wanted to meet him. "It's okay if we go..." I said to my friend as we left. "Are you sure?" she asked. "Yeah," I said. "Okay, it's up to you," she said as we walked past the stage door. I looked at the door and listened to my heart. "Okay.... let's just stay for a little bit." And so we waited.

The rest of the cast was very nice, but speed it up, bitches. I'm here to meet Corbin. When he finally came out, he took time to not just sign autographs and take pictures, but to TALK TO every single person in line. Out of all of the "celebrities" I met...and I'm including Real World cast members, John Gosselin's mistress, and Lindsay Lohan's daddy in this... he was the MOST HUMBLE and NICEST I've ever met. I felt more like I was talking to someone after a high school musical (no pun intended) then a professional show on Broadway. I told him he was amazing and he got so quiet and said "...Thank you so much," and put his hands together. How cute. And then he asked if I've ever seen the show before, blah blah. Just talking like old friends. Me and Corbi, BFF.

And his skin was flawless.

No pare, sigue sigue.

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