Thursday, January 14, 2010

Come on, be my baby tonight...

While "The Real World: DC" is currently airing, MTV is hard at work casting and getting ready to film the newest season, which will be BACK TO NEW ORLEANS. Can we pause for one second please? Tied with Hawaii, "The Real World: New Orleans" is my favorite season of all time.

Melissa. Mormon Julie. Hot Jamie. Danny's blurry faced army boyfriend. Hot-headed David. Those two blonde people who I wouldn't know if they came and bit me on the ass...

TV's never been better.

Besides the cast, we were also left with inspirational songs:

The show hasn't even been cast yet, but unless the reality TV gods are watching over me and this same group of strangers is reunited for this season, it is bound to be a train wreck. A wreck that will never compare to blurry faced boyfriends.

The house, however, is beautiful...

....and I am tempted to audition just so I can get naked in the beautiful pool.

Now, most likely, I will watch it and love it. But will it ever compare to my best friends from the original New Orleans season? Of course not, but one can pretend.


  1. ok, you said hot matt then said you didn't know the name of the 2 blonde people. the blonde guy is matt. the dark haired one is jamie. and the blonde girl (kelly) is now married to scott wolf.

  2. ew matt is far from hot. i apologize and will edit immediately.

  3. real world: new orleans was my fav as well!!! hawaii and seattle are close behind.