Thursday, January 21, 2010

Brandon Webman

Singing has never looked so good. ....I mean, sounded so good. In Part 2 of YOUTUBE IDOL, I'll be focusing on Brandon Webman, who uses his assets to woo viewers. And by assets, I mean his voice, you perverts. While BWebman does have the body of...let's say a greek god... or maybe even some sort of dessert tray you want to lick the crumbs off of, I would enjoy his videos even if I was blind.


Maybe not BLIND, but like... far-sighted, or something.

Check out his videos. His voice is relaxing and is the best when used on soft ballads. Often he covers songs originally sung by today's finest divas (Beyonce, Alicia, Mariah, etc...) and he makes it WORK.

My favorite videos, however, are when he sings with his cousin, Meryl. Meryl is everything I want to be in life, and I love their borderline inapproprate relationship. Singing Christmas carols topless while Meryl is texting in the background? GENIOUS. I love both of them and wish they had more videos together.

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