Monday, January 11, 2010

"Girls Vs. Suits"

In "How I Met Your Mother"'s 100th episode, we are given 2 things that I love: guest stars and a music number. It's not a musical episode, there's just a fun ode to the suit at the end of the episode. Although I do love a good musical episode, I was nervy to the core for a HIMYM musical number.. It just didn't seem like it would work.

I'm not sure that it did... but I loved it, anyway. In the episode, Barney is forced to choose between a hot bartender (who I thought was Heidi Klum, but wasn't) who hates men in suits and his suits. He gives up suits for the episode as he tries to impress her, but ends with the musical number, "Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit." In it, Barney sings that when push comes to shove, he will gladly choose a suit above anything else. A pot of gold - nope. World peace - nope. He just wants a suit.

I've seen Neil Patrick Harris sing before. I've seen Neil Patrick Harris shirtless before. I've seen Neil Patrick Harris be funny before. I don't know what changed tonight. Maybe I'm finally growing up from the little girl I once was and becoming the man I am destined to be... but NPH WORKED IT tonight and made my teeth sweat.

Besides Barney, there's a lot of new developments on the "Who is the mother?" homefront. Don't worry...if you haven't watched yet, I won't ruin anything. But it involves Rachel Bilson. I enjoyed seeing her on my screen again. It's been a long time since the OC was on...and even longer since the OC was good, so RBils's return to TV was a fun one.

Also in this episode was Tim Gunn, who tries to help Barney fix his favorite suit after it is ripped. Unfortunately, Tim can't "make it work."

What DID work, however, was the 100th episode, and I can't wait to find out more about Ted's soulmate. (Hopefully it involves more Rachel Bilson).

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