Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I Know What You Did Last Summer to Get Reboot

There's not much better in the cinema world than 90's slasher films. Scream defined a new genre, and I Know What You Did Last Summer tried it's damnedest to give the franchise a run for its money. (Spoiler Alert - it didn't succeed.)

While IKWYDLS may not have been THE best slasher film of the 90's, it was still in our Top 5. And now, thanks to Sony Pictures, a new generation may have the chance to feel the same.

Entertainment Weekly has announced that the film will be getting a reboot, produced by Neal Moritz, who produced the 1997 original. Starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, Freddie Prinze Jr., Ryan Phillipe, and Sarah Michelle Gellar, the original brought in $125 worldwide.

We can't wait to see who'll be cast as the four leads. A note to casting directors:

C'mon, Westerberg! HEATHERS: THE MUSICAL Dream Cast

Get ready for some BIG FUN! It was announced earlier today that Heathers: The Musical will be coming to Broadway in 2016, with a big-screen movie being released around the same time.

Heathers: The Musical follows scrunchie-wearing, shoulder padded trifecta: "Heather, Heather, and Heather, the hottest and cruelest girls in all of Ohio. But misfit Veronica Sawyer rejects their evil regime for a new boyfriend,the dark sexy stranger J.D., who plans to put the Heathers in their place - six feet under. Deliciously, darkly funny, romantic and moving, Heathers: The Musical is a truthful, uplifting parable for anyone who's ever been in love, in trouble, or in high school."

After seeing the off-Broadway run at New World Stages, the show quickly made its way to the top of our "Favorite Musical" list, and when it closed on August 4, we spent the remainder of our summer praying for a Broadway transfer. Today's news not only gave us what we begged for, but also blessed us with a movie.

Because we know that our blog is viewed by Hollywood executives, we thought we'd make the job easy for them and cast the movie. You're welcome.

VERONICA: Chloe Moretz

J.D,: Ryan McCartan





KURT: Brant Daugherty

RAM: Derek Theler

MRS. FLEMMING: Shannen Doherty

J.D.'s DAD: Christian Slater

VERONICA'S MOM: Winona Ryder

How do you feel about our star-studded cast? Sound off in the comments below!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Mockingjay has Arrived!

The mockingjay is BACK, and we are flipping things over the first time we saw the trailer. Should we turn in our resignation letter from work now? We are officially taking off the whole month of November to prepare for this movie.

True... the book wasn't our favorite in the series, but Jennifer Lawrence and Donald Sutherland are just what we need to make this story come to life.

How excited are you for this movie!?

Saturday, September 13, 2014

LC is Married!

While the rest may still be unwritten, Lauren Conrad has married today! She and William Tell have officially wed in an intimate ceremony along the coast of California earlier today.

The couple met on Valentine's 2012 on a blind date.

No pictures have been released, but we are hoping the instagram whore Laguna Beach/The Hills star will post pictures from the event soon.

Until then, we can pass the time by giggling thinking about what Heidi, Spencer, Stephen, and Jason are saying about the happy couple.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Fall 2014 Premiere Dates!

Are you busy searching the internet to find when your favorite shows are returning to the small screen? Well, look no further! We here at the Sexy Trash offices made sure we were your one-stop shop for all of the network TV premieres! As of now, we haven't covered cable shows, so you'll have to look elsewhere for American Horror Story and Sons of Anarchy. Sorry.

8 PM

Big Bang Theory (CBS): September 22
Dancing With The Stars (ABC): September 15
The Voice (NBC): September 22
GOTHAM (FOX): September 22
The Originals (CW): October 6
Two Broke Girls (CBS): October 27

8:30 PM

Mom (CBS): September 29

9 PM

SCORPION (CBS): September 22
Sleepy Hollow (FOX): September 22
JANE THE VIRGIN (CW): October 13

10 PM

Castle (ABC): September 29
NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS): September 29
The Blacklist (NBC): September 22

8 PM

NCIS (CBS): September 23
The Voice (NBC): September 22
UTOPIA (FOX): September 7
The Flash (CW): October 7
SELFIE (ABC): September 30

8:30 PM


9 PM

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC): September 23
NCIS: NEW ORLEANS (CBS): September 23
Supernatural (CW): October 7
MARRY ME (NBC): October 14
New Girl (FOX): September 16

9:30 PM

About A Boy (NBC): October 14
The Mindy Project (FOX): September 16

10 PM

Person of Interest (CBS): September 23
Chicago Fire (NBC): September 23
FOREVER (ABC): September 23

8 PM

Survivor (CBS): September 24
Hell's Kitchen (FOX): September 10
Arrow (CW): October 8
The Middle (ABC): September 24

8:30 PM

The Goldbergs (ABC): September 24

9 PM

Criminal Minds (CBS): October 1
RED BAND SOCIETY (FOX): September 17
The 100 (CW): October 22
Law and Order: SVU (NBC): September 24
Modern Family (ABC): September 24

9:30 PM

BLACK-ISH (ABC): September 24

10 PM

STALKER (CBS): October 1
Nashville (ABC): September 24
Chicago PD (NBC): September 24

8 PM

Grey's Anatomy (ABC): September 25
The Biggest Loser (NBC): September 11
Bones (FOX): September 25
The Vampire Diaries (CW): October 2

8:30 PM

The Millers (CBS): October 30

9 PM

Scandal (ABC): September 25
Reign (CW): October 2
Two and a Half Men (CBS): October 30
BAD JUDGE (NBC): October 2

9:30 PM

A TO Z (NBC): October 2

10 PM

Elementary (CBS): October 30
Parenthood (NBC): September 25

8 PM

The Amazing Race (CBS): September 26
Dateline NBC (NBC): September 26
Last Man Standing (ABC): October 3

8:30 PM

CRISTELA (ABC): October 10

9 PM

Sharktank (ABC): September 26
Hawaii Five-O (CBS): September 26
Grimm (FOX): October 24
America's Next Top Model (CW): August 18

10 PM

Blue Bloods (CBS): September 26
20/20 (ABC): September 26

11:30 PM

Saturday Night Live (NBC): September 27

7:30 PM

Bob's Burgers (FOX):
October 5

8 PM

Once Upon A Time (ABC): September 28
The Simpsons (FOX): September 28

8:30 PM 

Brooklyn 99 (FOX): September 28

9 PM

RESURRECTION (ABC): September 28
The Good Wife (CBS): September 21
Family Guy (FOX): September 28

9:30 PM

MULANEY (FOX): October 5

10 PM

CSI: Cyber (CBS): September 28
Revenge (ABC): September 28

BURNIN UP for Nick Jonas on Kingdom

As previously announced, Nick Jonas will be playing a MMA  fighter (Mixed Martial Arts, for those of you not familiar. We'll be honest - we had no idea) in the new DirecTV show, Kingdom. 

We already knew that the show dives into the world of MMA fighting in California. What we didn't know were the facts Jonas dropped while stopping by Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live on September 10:

"Oh, I just did a lot of nudity [on Kingdom]," Jonas told an audience member.

"My character has a big, um..." he paused. A big what? A big what?! "Storyline." (insert side eye emoji here)

He went on to reveal his "big storyline" involves his sexuality. "Is he bi-curious?" Cohen asked to which Jonas answered coyly, "We'll see."

Don't tease us, Nick.

Kingdom premieres on October 8 on DirecTV.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Preview in Review: The Boy Next Door

If there's one genre of movie we love at the Sexy Trash offices, it's the "bat shit crazy" genre. You're familiar - Person A (usually female) becomes obsessed with Person B, Person B shuts it down, Person A goes buck wild and kills Person A's friends/family to prove how serious they are about their feelings.

Perhaps we love these movies because they're always so good they're bad, or perhaps it's because we've had our fair share of relationships like these. (Were we Person A or B? We'll never tell. Fine - we were Person A. We're just overly emotional and passionate, okay? It's not a bad thing.) But whatever the reason, these movies always find a way into our hearts: Obsessed, Swimfan, Single White Female, The Roommate, Fatal Attraction.

Well, get ready for another crazy in town. In The Boy Next Door, Jennifer Lopez plays a high school teacher who sleeps with one of her students (who happens to be her neighbor). When she realizes she made a mistake, she ends it... and that's when he really gets wild. When he's not making sexual innuendos to her son, he's busy filling her classroom with pictures of them in the throws of passion and causing accidents on the highway. Someone needs to send this tyrant to the principal.

Check out the preview below before it hits theaters in January.